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Month: June 2016

When The School System Doesn’t Give You All You Need

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Thanks for this wonderful post, Jennifer Conant. She’s a passionate mathematician.

Read her article below:

Hi, my name is Jennifer Conant. I’m a junior currently attending the University of Redlands pursuing a major in Physics and minor in Math. Go Bulldogs! That’s Right – I Love Math! That’s why I started doing a website about it. As an early math student, I survived the public school system in San Diego County. I’d like to share with you a little bit about myself, and my struggles, and how I ultimately managed to succeed in the public school system.

I was the girl that was used by the teacher and placed strategically in the classroom to help those around me that struggled with a lesson or an exercise. The teacher knew that I “got it” and that I was friendly and helpful to the other students. You see it happened all the time that students had been placed in a completely wrong math class without the necessary pre-requisites or foundational understanding to keep up with the class.

So in the interest of making sure I got the material mastered in the class I took it upon myself to help them so the teacher could continue teaching the rest of the class and stay on pace. I had an interest in their success as well as my own.

I’ve had teachers from all different kinds of backgrounds. I’ve had ones that insist math is fun and it can be taught with silly little games and stories. Then there’s the ones that run their classrooms like mini boot camps. The one thing that seems pretty consistent through the various types of teaching styles is that almost all of the teachers attempt to make themselves available to the students outside of regular class time.


Now, I’ll admit it’s never fun to sit through an entire class lecture and not know what’s going on. It’s even harder to wait after class and tell your teacher you’re struggling. They always made me feel like it was my fault for needing help. It Wasn’t My Fault – I Just Needed Some Help! When I started to take some of the harder math classes in high school, I dreaded having these conversations with my teachers.

I always felt like I was being a burden to them. As soon as I made it clear I was having trouble, I was asked if I was doing my homework? I was. Was I going over corrections from class? I was. Was I networking with other students? Always. They said, “Maybe you need to listen better in class.” That wasn’t it either. For some reason, it was always a negative reflection on my study habits when I asked for help. It wasn’t ever the teaching or the material.

That’s not a very comfortable situation for learning. Just Telling Me Same Thing Again! Didn’t Help Me Understand. Even after the need for additional help was established, and I met with my teacher one on one, sometimes they wouldn’t say anything different than I had heard in class. Well, that never helped me.

I could hear what they were saying the entire time I was in class, but that didn’t mean I understood it the second time around just because it was one on one. I needed someone that knew the material and would present it to me differently. I needed someone that would listen to my thinking process and work with me to find the point of confusion and correct it so I could master the material and continue to do so without being left  behind.

My senior year of high school was by far the hardest year in math. I was enrolled in AP Calculus with a teacher that had an attendance policy that had no mercy with medical absences. I got sick with a bad case of mononucleosis immediately following our winter break. No I wasn’t kissing anybody. Anyway, I missed the first few weeks back to school. I had my school work brought to me from a friend in the class, but I missed the daily lectures.

All I had was the textbook. I tried my hardest to keep up and teach myself, but as you can probably imagine, calculus isn’t the easiest thing to teach yourself. After returning back from those absences, I had a bizarre case of recurring pink eye throughout the spring.

I later found out that two other students that shared my desk had it too. I wiped the whole thing down with isopropyl alcohol and magically no more pink eye! Naturally, you can not attend a public school with pink eye because of how contagious it is. My teacher had had enough of my medical excuses and didn’t care. My grade was in jeopardy.

What I Needed Was Another Source To Learn The Material

teacherhelp3I immediately started to seek other outside resources. My mom and I bought AP Calculus study guides, I contacted my older math friends, and I talked to other math teachers. Ironically, I was concurrently enrolled in AP Physics and was getting assignments delivered to me since I was at home sick. But in physics, my teacher was sending me additional handouts, lecture notes, supplements to my textbook, and questions that were asked in class with responses.

This was more than enough to keep me on track. With multiple teaching sources covering the same material – I go it down. I wondered if maybe there was a way my physics teacher could give me the same help with AP Calc. He was the best he gave me audio lectures, old text-books, website links, tutorials online, videos, pamphlets. It was exactly what I needed to pass. I ended up getting a C- both semesters in calculus. The grade didn’t reflect my mastering of the material.

When the AP scores came back, I had earned a 5. I had gotten the highest score possible. There is nothing higher than a 5. That score of 5 guaranteed my calculus class would be honored by whatever university I decided to attend. I had learned the material. I hadn’t crammed for the tests, or finished all the problems that were assigned, and I hadn’t been in class every day, but the material was presented to me in so many different ways that I had completely mastered it.

You see I like what I do in school and in my life. I might be able to help your student. I know what it takes to succeed in today’s classroom. I love to help my fellow students and watch the light go when they say, “Now I get it.” I’ve helped many of my friends see the light. Heck, I even tutor my little sister. She still calls me up and says, “sissy can you help with some math, I don’t get how to…” Let me be clear about who I will, and will not, work with.

The students that I choose to tutor must have a goal of higher education. I mean they have to want to succeed. I want to help students just like me that have the desire to learn and develop their skills to excel at a future profession. I don’t work with kids that have no desire to do well. It’s because I value my time and will only have time to work with a handful of students at a time. I still have my Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics homework to do you know.

Sneak Peek Of Prom Dresses

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Trendy аnd a lot more sexy designs аrе whаt уου саn expect іn cheap prom dresses. Thеѕе materials саn сеrtаіnlу hеlр уου іn earning thе title οf a prom queen thаt being ѕаіd, уου hаνе tο know аll things аbουt thеm bу using both online аnd traditional sources. Thе next groups οf prom dresses аrе anticipated tο bе іn vibrant hues lіkе pink, yellow аnd orange. Therefore, уου ѕhουld stay away frοm pastel colored gowns whеn уου really want tο catch everyone’s particular attention.

A multi-colored shawl οr even sash саn likewise enable уου tο become a certified head turner οn thаt night.All things thаt sparkle, shines, shimmer, glimmer аnd sparkle brings a class tο аnу gown. In fact іt сουld possibly turn аn ordinary gown straight іntο a total eye catcher іf аll thеѕе accessories аrе positioned іn thе proper spots. Whenever thеѕе appliqués catch light, іt саn mаkе уου glow frοm a distance.

In fact, thе mοѕt recent developments thаt wіll happen tο thе occasion dresses аrе best shown іn thе gowns whісh аrе being donned bу thе hottest celebrities. Sο, simply observe thеm аѕ they walk οn thаt red carpet plus take note οf thе hues аnd designs thаt уου lіkе. Thе Internet саn even provide уου wіth more details аbουt thеіr dresses.Trains аrе likewise prominent wіth teens thеѕе days.


A simple duster style οr a long chapel train іѕ dеfіnіtеlу a head turner. Thіѕ wіll dеfіnіtеlу hаνе уου feeling јυѕt lіkе a princess. Yου don’t actually need tο gеt married tο experience wearing one.Expect tutu tο enter next year’s craze аlѕο. Thіѕ particular outfit іѕ mаdе up οf a corset top whісh provides a perfect fit plus a froufrou skirt thаt gives a lovely effect οn іtѕ wearer. Thіѕ collaboration іѕ something thаt саn greatly enhance уουr entire features. It mіght become a рοрυlаr сhοісе іn night parties іn thе near future.

Thе gowns іn 2016 wіll еіthеr bе laced οr feathered. Thаt іѕ fοr thе reason thаt designers wουld lіkе tο hаνе volume fοr thеіr designs fοr thе advantage οf thеіr clients concurrently. Gradient colored outfits аѕ well аѕ tie dyedones аrе included іn thе nеw catalogue tοο. An uneven hemline design along wіth a low сυt style аrе whаt уου ѕhουld look fοr іn a dress іf уου hаνе issues іn selecting between two kinds οf outfits.

Simply complement thіѕ clothing item wіth cute pumps аnd уου’re аll set tο rock уουr prom night away. Jυѕt mаkе sure thаt уου’re completely hарру аnd relaxed using thе prom dress thаt уου hаνе picked out. Likewise, become a more fearless buyer. In thаt way, уου wіll bе prepared fοr thе wide range οf excitement іn stored fοr уου personally іn thе prom dresses 2013.

Half-Life: Counter-Strike in 2016

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Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist Which do you prefer? Personally, I’m a CT at heart. Both sides are evened out fairly well in terms of firearms, but there are certain maps in which I believe there is a definite advantage to a particular side (for example: cs_747 favors the CT side slightly more than the Terrorist faction, while de_prodigy is the opposite). But most maps are designed where it’s really anybody’s game (example: de_dust).
I highly encourage everyone to test out each side on different maps and see for yourself. In either case, you play to have fun not to “save the world” (this is a good thing because if you’d seen some of the stupid manuevers I’ve pulled off your confidence in all Counter-Terrorist actions would immediately drop).

Scenario Objectives

Either side has its own mission to complete. In a “cs” map, CT’s are to rescue the hostages, while the Terrorists are to prevent this from happening. For a “de” map, the Terrorists are to reach one of the two bomb sites, plant the C-4, and make sure that the CT’s don’t carry out their objective– defuse the bomb (Photo to right: my brother defusing a bomb). On the “as” maps, the CT’s are to protect the VIP and the Terrorist are to assassinate the VIP. You get the idea.
Of course, as you play, you’ll notice that these objectives are not always completed (actually, in my experience this is the case in 90% of the rounds I’ve played in). Instead, an alternative strategy is used: Kill everyone else. It’s quite effective, but not an easy task. The key, unlike in a Deathmatch round, is to work as a team– because if you don’t… they will. Move into a new area in groups, scanning all fronts from which the enemy could attack from.

Alternate reload times (this sounds nearly impossible in a open area brawl, but in certain situations it can be practiced and eventually mastered). Teamwork is everything! Don’t go out there and try to be a hero because you’ll only end up being a grease spot as well as someone else’s frag.


Mapping Things Out

Another part of Counter-Strike that may seem difficult is the fact that you are not familiar with the maps. A good way to overcome this problem is to observe the maps on which you want to play. Better yet– watch others play on the maps (this can be done when you’re dead or a number of other ways). By doing this you should be able to get a good idea of some of either side’s stronger and weaker positions, such as the sniper lofts in de_cbble, or the bridge in cs_italy.
You must remember your role in the game– consider mapping things out as part of your briefing because, Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist, before they set off to complete their mission objectives they are briefed in detail. No one’s going to stop and show you around in the middle of a game, so it’s up to you to learn on your own. Not to forget that the fact that you might not know where you are, doesn’t effect the fact that everyone else does– Ignorance is death.

Staying Alive

At first, it might seem impossible to end up as one of the few (if not the only one) living at the end of a Counter-Strike round. Of course, things like that take practice. How can this be done effectively? If you’re a beginner and you jump onto some server with a bunch of guys who’ve been playing since its release — it probably won’t help you much to improve your play.
One way I’ve found that is very effective is the play with bots. CS bots are great for improving your abilities. You can set them at one of the 4 difficulties to suit your own skill level (I highly recommend practicing with a couple bots of higher skill level for a challenge and general improvement).

The bots are pretty intelligent and will take advatage of the AI capabilites from the original Half-Life in order to retreat, regroup, snipe, and hide from sight. And it’s not just like putting in enemies for deathmatch-like purposes– they actually do set the bomb and try to rescue hostages. Johnny and I play with Realbot (click to download the file– nomally, I would rather give you a link, but it seems that the new bots are not as good as in this version) from

I have to admit that I am a much better player than I used to be before practicing with the bots. The bots are NOT perfect, which makes them more realistic since not every shot fired in a CS round is a direct hit (even though it might seem like it at times). How do they do that? The bots follow what are called way-points, which is a path-like grid system, in order to move in the map as a real CS player might move.

Of course, their moves can become predictable, but the programmers did a good job because it’s been really hard for me to notice. Basically, the rules for staying alive are just like any other first person shooter, so I’ll be brief: PRACTICE, duck back from oncoming fire and reload, be quiet. The final rule I have for myself is to try to not be the first man out there in a “big” round– while the first man on each side has a higher chance of getting more kills, he also has the highest risk of being killed (especially if your team decides to take another route that doesn’t directly cover your position).

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