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The Best Tennis Ball Machine To Buy in 2018

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There are many different companies now offering tennis players from the novice to the professional, ball machines to practice with. Some of them are new to the game and some of them have experience and loyalty as a brand, Lobster Sports and Master Sports are in the latter category.

For over 15 years now these companies has made some of the highest quality and most reliable tennis ball machines you can find and they have earned a reputation for offering durable, high quality, and high performance tennis ball machines, in a wide range of models.

These models can be portable ones for around the back yard, or out at the park, or more commercial machines for people running businesses where someone would need to practice or test out tennis equipment. No matter what kind of model you are looking for, Lobster Sports & Master Sports certainly offers one that will meet your goals and the performance and durability of their tennis ball machines are unmatched.

The Use of Tennis Ball Machines

Why do you need a tennis ball machine? The answer is really simple. Tennis ball machines can be a perfect partner. They don’t complain, they don’t distract you and you can bring them everywhere. This equipment can be expensive at first, but rest assure that it is a worthy investment.

Practicing with them is easy and it can really improve your game. Enjoy the Enjoyment, our partner has a great guide for selecting the best machines for you. They also have a nice article about tennis racquets for starters. You can read the full article here.

The many models available are listed below along with their various specifics.

The iSam


iSam offers various ball speeds between 15 and 60 miles per hour, as well as an elevation from anywhere to ground stroke and lob. It oscillates, and runs for 2-3 hours. Itís also a portable and easy to use model, great for beginning to average tennis players.

The SAM P1


The SAM P1 is a step up, having speeds that can range all the way up to 75 miles per hour. The firing rate is 2-7 seconds like many other models and its battery life is also 2-3 hours. It is suggested for intermediate tennis players.

The SAM P4


The SAM P4 offers the same quality and reliability of the SAM P1. It is heavier than the iSam and suggested for intermediate to advanced level players. It is one step above the SAM P1 and offers oscillation options for you to set to your preference.

The SAM Sport


The SAM Sport is designed more for tennis clubs, or court usage in mind. It can hold up to 250 balls and requires an AC power plug. It fires between 1.5 and 8 second intervals and oscillates at your preference.The SAM CoachThe SAM coach is the same as the SAM sport. 6 shot programmable oscillators allow you to change the settings to work for even the more advanced tennis player.

The SAM Robot


The SAM Robot is one of most advanced tennis coach machine yet. It offers you settings for eight different skill levels, elevates to over 8 feet for realistic firing rates and has tennis drills built right into it. There is a database of over 10,000 different types of shots, and many other settings that you can tweak to make it shoot just the way you want it to.

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine


The Elite Liberty is a portable and lightweight tennis ball machine. It can hold up to 150 balls and with random oscillation. Its ball speed is 20-80 mph. Thanks to its large wheels, you can carry and bring your Elite Liberty anywhere with ease.

Lobster Sports Elite 2


It is a 44-pound machine that is also easy to transport and bring anywhere you want. It is much advance than the Elite Liberty. It fires between 2 to 10 secs. It has random horizontal and vertical oscillation. The machine is good for both beginners and advanced tennis players.


Master Sports is one of the most well regarded companies offering tennis coach ball machines out there, and each machine is proudly made in the United States. Since 1995 it has been one of the choice developers of these machines and has managed to keep all of its operations under one roof. With such managerial control over the production of these machines you can really trust the level of quality that youíll be getting. If you are in the market for a tennis ball machine, then Master Sports is the company for you.

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